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Networking while on holiday

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It may be summer, you may be on holiday, however networking never stops for career minded entrepreneurs.

Our Top 5 tips for networking on holiday (home or away).

Networking on holiday

1. Get a summer job, yes you may think “I am an entrepreneur why will I need to work for someone else”. Truth is you don’t know it all, opening yourself up to a new environment, opens yourself up to new skills and new people.

2. Get out! You get so preoccupied with being the next guru, tech genius, stock broker, you forget to actually get out and talk to people, simply strike up conversations.

3. Always have a point of contact and how you can add value.

4. Stand out, be personable, connect with those you speak to and most important be genuine.

5. Don’t forget to always follow up with those you meet.


Happy networking!
web1Networking while on holiday

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